Main Characteristics of our Phone Plans.

Costa Rican Telephone Number

Our company offers national numbering in Costa Rica , allowing options and savings to our customers.


1- Mientras que adquirir una línea fija conlleva a depósitos de garantía e instalación y esta tarda un tiempo extenso para que esta sea instalada, Vocex le ofrece el servicio de manera ágil, rápida y económica.

2- Con las líneas fijas si ustedes requiere realizar 2 o más llamadas simultáneas debe poseer por cada llamada simultánea un servicio telefónico independiente, cada uno con número diferente, Vocex le ofrece por cada número telefónico la posibilidad de obtener múltiples llamadas entrantes o salientes siempre identificado con el mismo número, sin tener que adquirir varios servicios, para una empresa este servicio es primordial.

3- While acquiring a Land line leads to security deposits and installation and this takes a long time for this to be installed , Vocex service offers agile, fast and cost efficient.


This option allows you to get your voicemails from your phone line by dialing * 98.


There is also the option to listen to your voicemail from an external number so you can check it from any other telephone service operator

Call waiting

This service allows you to answer an incoming call even if you are in an active call , so you will never miss that important call I expected just because someone is occupying your phone line.

When you are in the active call and the second call comes in you will hear a beep in the active call, Just press the button ” Flash” on the phone and switch to the second call , if you want to return to the first call just press key ” Flash ” again.


The conference call is known as three-way call , this allows you to link two calls at once.


When receiving a call you will place the person on hold, Then press “Flash” and you will hear a dialtone , simply press the number you want to link and once this is answered press again “Flash” and the 2 calls will be linked , enabling communication of the three ends , if one of the two extremes with which you are talking wishes to retire and you should only continue to hang in the call if the person remained active.

Call Forwarding

With this service , you can tell the system that if your call was not answered within certain time to be forwarded to another phone number.


Also, among the advanced options , there is the possibility that multiple phones chiming every time a call comes in , allowing anyone to answer . In addition you can choose the schedule for different call forwarding.


If you are going out for the evening of your home , send the call to your cell phone , but if from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm you will be in a conference and will not operate your phone, instruct the system to send during those hours the call to another number or mailbox.

International Calls

Vocex offers excellent quality on international calls at affordable rates . That is our commitment , always keeping prices with excellent quality.
Ask about our rates for any country by writing to us at

Codecs G729 and G711

Codecs are communication mechanisms between the different teams of networks. The G711 codec has excellent audio quality , the G729 has an excellent level of audio and consumes half the G711 . Although this is a parameter not well known by users as it really should never alter computer configurations , it is important to know because with Vocex you can use the software ( softphone ) of your choice, free or not , is user decision . Most free software using the G711 codec therefore can have peace of mind that with any softphone you can use our service.

1113 Information

Our customers have access to the information service 1113 , which can provide information about any number in Costa Rica

Fax to Email

Our fax to email service allows you to receive faxes without owning a fax machine , or invest in ink or paper. The system collects email fax to your fax and send it to your email no matter how many sheets contain , if required printed you can print but can keep you in digital format.