At VoCex we are concerned with designing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions for your homes, offices and buildings. Apart from the knowledge and experience acquired in the area of networks and telecommunications, we have qualified and certified personnel to perform audits of both logical and physical networks, structured cabling, optical fiber, passive equipment, active equipment, access controls, Power in your data center (UPS), ground protection and landing and many more.
At VoCex Networking we understand the different needs of our clients, so we could start from scratch on a project, or restore the internal network and even transfer their IT equipment and networks to another desired site.
We are up to date and in  compliance with current regulations, providing our customers with excellent qualities and brands according to their tastes and needs, so that VoCex Networking our solutions will be presented to the measure. Thanks to this we have implemented solutions in large and small companies locally and internationally, under the backing of projects of very high name.


Networking Equipment

We have the ability to provide our customers with the equipment they need for the proper functioning of their internal network, delivering equipment such as:
  • Routers
  • Firewall Router
  • Administrable Switch
  • Access Point (WiFi)  
  • Voip Telephones  
  • Gateways 
  • Acess Control

Structured Cabling

We have the capacity and personnel trained to build or remodel the internal network of your company, installing passive equipment such as:
  • Cable UTP (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a).
  • Fiber Optic (Fiber Optic for Exteriors and interiors).
  • Network Cards.
  • Wall Jacks RJ11 y RJ45 (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a).
  • Racks or shelves.

Network Audits

Physical and logical audit of the company’s current network, this entails an analysis of the consumption of the different equipment connected to the network, in order to propose an improvement in the internal network.

Networking Support

Support service in the internal network of the company from the equipment like router, switch, servers, firewall, to telephone exchanges, offering to its clients individual support hours or in contract with a set amount of hours monthly.