About us

Costa Rica has become a country where there is a technological need, the increased use of communication mechanisms has been exponential, this thanks to the dynamism of the market, but this has brought the market to be more demanding of the services you want receive, and therefore require operators to provide integrated, innovative services with greater availability and response times and faster installation.

In VoCex innovation is a vital part of our spine, we are facilitators interconnection platforms, Billing, Softswitch, international traffic, wireless carrier for transportation and many others.

We provide solutions for services provided from our data center on which include among others, hosting, firewall, SMS messaging, databases, audits for analysis of IP networks and even network analysis to support IP telephony, develop platforms such connection ” socket “, web services, among many others, this makes us a unique Carrier Carriers in the domestic market.

Business VoCex features to facilitate your company the sale of content and advertising, e-commerce and high-quality interactive world; as well as a wide range of applications with national coverage in a quick, efficient and safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Who we are?

Vocex is based on the highest technology service , carrying voice over internet network , with exceptional quality , and at the same time very cost efficient. . Our products have mechanisms to ensure that their communication is secure and efficient.

We offer multiple service options with national and international numbering in more than 60 countries around the world , Ask about our phone plans to find the one that best suits your needs .

For years to obtain service provider with options that Vocex offers was unthinkable , besides the extensive waiting time at the facility, we changed of all this, from the moment you subscribe to the service you can make use of it immediately, this because Vocex you line is where you want.


Being a business partner to our customers , providing telecommunications services and products , generating satisfaction and confidence for optimal development .


Through quality service and innovation to become market leaders in telecommunications. Through quality service and innovation , grow together and hand in hand with our customers .